Managing Users and Roles

Central to grekho’s functionality is to assign users to Issue topics. By giving users specifics roles grekho makes it easy for people to find the best person on a project to solve a specific Issue. When you send an Issue through grekho, it is automatically tagged with the topic you wish to discuss. Users and topics are managed in the administration section.



Topics are grouped by categories. This can make it easy to search for a topic if you are new to a project. To create a category, navigate to the Manage page in the admin section and click on Discussion Categories.


Simply type a category name into the text field and select create. If you wish to create multiple categories in one go, select “add another”.


Topics describe the issue types that appear on a project. These are grouped by category. To add topics, navigate to the manage section of the admin screen and select Discussion Topics.


First select the category to which the topic belongs. Next, give it a name and then select create. If you wish to create multiple topics for a given category, select “Add another”.

Assigning Users to Topics

You have two options to easily associate a user with a topic. You can either assign the user to the topic or assign the topic to the user! To assign the user to a topic, select Topic in the main admin menu.


Navigate to the topic you wish to assign users to and select


The list of users available on the project will appear. Select the users you wish to assign the topic to and click save.

Alternatively, you may wish to assign topics to users. To do this, navigate to the users list and select the same icon.


You will be presented with a list of topics associated with the project. Select the topics you wish to assign to the user and select save. This is a useful method if a user is added to the a project.