For Project Managers

Project Analytics

It all starts with the Project Management Team setup from the admin section.

From the admin section, the Project Management Team can set up projects, add Contracting companies, Managers, users as well as clients to each project. Next, they develop categories and sub-categories for issues and topics they would like to track through grekho. Specific users with relevant knowledge and know-how are assigned to the categories.



Team Management

All team conversations are logged, allowing the team leads and PMs the ability to analyse performance. If a team member is over loaded, this will appear on grekho’s analytics. The Team Lead can then route specific workload and Issues to a different team member. grekho is a powerful work delegation tool.



ccNo More CCing

Team Lead and Project Managers can have their inbox overrun with emails because team members like to cc them on everything. grekho’s workload removes this practice. Issues are sent to the appropriate problem solver. The Team Leads have access to the issue should they need to get involved but they don’t need to be bothered if it doesn’t concern them. Should the Issue turnaround time be unsatisfactory, it will appear in the analytics.