Create an Issue

To create an Issue, select the red button.


This opens the Issue form.


There are 5 fields that must be completed before submitting the Issue.


The project dropdown defaults to the currently selected project. Changing to another project will reset the default project throughout grekho.

Project Items

Project items are a high level filter of tasks or mini projects within your project. To add project items, navigate to the admin section and select project items.


If you wish to populate the project items list automatically, you can upload a microsoft project or primavera list (Contact grekho for this feature).

Smart Assigner

The smart assigner helps you select the appropriate problem solver by search by an issue type.


You can select a category and grekho will filter the Issue type available to you. Alternatively, if you know what or who you’re looking for you can type the Topic or User into this field and grekho will filter the user list.

In order to proceed you must select at least one user and one topic associated with them. Now you’re ready to describe what’s going down on-site.


This is a high level description of what the Issue is. No need to get too wordy here!


Now it’s time to detail the Issue. It is important to provide as much information as possible here. If you wish, you can hashtag a particular word in order to provide meta data. An example would be a power panel name. Simply type a # before the word and grekho stores this value for analysis. This is great for analytics!

Proposed Solution (Optional)

If you you would like to assist with the problem solving process you can add your 2 cents here. Anything typed here will appear in the message feed. If the user who is assigned to the Issue agrees with your proposal, they can sign it off immediately.

Attaching Media (Optional)

You can add files to grekho using the attach button. This deserves a page of its own. Click here to find out more!