Attaching Media

To attach media, simple click on attach icon and choose one of the following options.


Choose from Dropbox

grekho allows companies to connect to their dropbox file storage account and attach their files to Issues. By selecting Choose from Dropbox, the user can browse through files stored in a specific location (apps/grekho/[project name] in their dropbox folder and attach the file. The file is forever stored in the dropbox account and linked to the Issue.

Upload to Dropbox

By selecting Upload to Dropbox, the user can attach a file from their computer and transfer it to their dropbox account at the same time as attaching the file to the grekho Issue.

Upload to grekho

By selecting Upload to grekho, all files attached from the users account will be saved directly to grekho.

Attach from Clipboard

Uploading files using your computers file browsing system can be a slow process. We often copy images and content to our clipboard using ctrl+c or mac cmd+c. grekho allows you to paste the image using ctrl+v or cmd+v directly into the text field. This is a great feature if you like to use tools such as the windows Snipping Tool. There is no need to save your temporary images to the desktop!


In construction we love to annotate things. grekho has made this a part of the workflow. If the user attaches an image format (jpg,png) or a pdf, grekho offers you the ability to annotate.

Do you wish to Annotate?

By selecting yes, grekho loads your file into our annotation app where you can draw shapes and text directly onto the file.