Always Learning more from your RFI's

grekho takes a static RFI and brings it to life


Take full control of your project issues right at the location where they exist. Compose, receive and answer RFI’s on location. Immediately collaborate with Project members anywhere (office or site) – Task assignment and RFI resolution made easy!

Construction Project Management

Receive realtime data from the field as issues arise. If a project topic/conversation is generating hotspots, grekho will be there to inform your PM team. No more end of day reports or those dreaded master spreadsheets/work trackers. Grekho offer an all in one construction management software solution. Nice!

Advanced PM Reports

grekho is the only RFI system that offers advanced daily reports and alerts on your site issues. Track data over time to make decisions that will optimise your Team and overall Project’s operational performance and efficiency. When you think grekho, think lean efficiency

Issue Mangement For Large Teams

Raise, track and solve site issues and RFI’s

It all starts with the Project Management Team setup from the Admin section.

From grekho’s clever admin section, the Project Management Team can set up projects, add Contracting companies, Managers, End-Users and Clients to each project. Next, they develop categories and sub-categories for issues and topics which they would like to track through grekho. Specific users with relevant knowledge and know-how can now be assigned to these categories. Nifty right!

Analyse Every Communication

All past and present issues can be reviewed easily via grekho’s intuitive dashboard

Develop Custom Reports

The Project Management Team can view custom analytics as well as receiving reports and alerts direct to their inbox. Contracting team managers now have instant access to team performance reports and can track progress and/or any trending issues affecting their company. Let grekho’s performance analytics engine help your Project Team!

Project Management

Efficient Project Management is about Sharing Knowledge. It is thus not surprising, that grekho believe the best way to learn is by sharing knowledge. Therefore, by sharing reports (real time or lessons learned) directly with your project teams, you will improve in operational performance and induce efficiency. grekho promotes healthy competition between project teams. The results are in the charts!

Integrates with your Project Schedule

Conversations can easily be linked to the construction projects schedule items

Your project items can be uploaded to grekho from your favourite project scheduling software

It is important to be on the same page when raising issues. Thus, by importing your construction projects schedule, all issues are tagged within the schedule item. Great eh?

By the way, grekho integrates/interfaces with most leading project scheduling products (MS Project, Primavera, Wrike and others)

Now, whilst collaborating to solve the issues, your team have access to valuable schedule data such as start and finish date as well many other key schedule data fields. Let grekho’s implementation Team understand your requirements. Shoot us an email or contact us today!

Fully Mobile

Raise and solve construction issues & tasks on the spot

Project Sites can be large. grekho is mobile!

grekho is a mobile platform. Teams can collaborate on topics and issues from anywhere and at anytime. Project members can quickly share and annotate relevant photos direct from the issue location. Get notifications when updates and potential solutions have been added. No more waiting until “end of day” or “until the master spreadsheet is updated” – Let grekho optimise your Project Management

Intuitive Layout

Our platform is designed like any modern messaging app

Project team can easily jump into grekho and start collaborating on site issues

Take a look to the image on your left. Its a familiar looking interface right? – Grekho make design simple so as users can quickly select the project item they would like to discuss by using our clever dropdown list, which is populated from the project schedule itself! Project Management and Construction applications have never been made this simple! – Now, Converse, Track, Analyse and Solve “Know the issues before they become problems”

Assign the RFI to a user

Based on the topic/issue that the RFI generator has selected, they are then presented with a list of potential team members who can solve the problem. No need to know everyone on the project, just know the issue!

Target the Issue

Project members collaborate on the issue. They can share the topic with any member of the project. Issues are fully visible to all project team members. This increases project transparency and accountability through the construction project lifecycle. Very Powerful data insights!

Meet the Team

We are a team of experienced Construction Engineers, Client Experience Specialists and Coders

Brian Culhane

Founder, Construction Engineer and crossover Coder Brian has over 10 years experience in Construction. He loves anything Tech especially when useful to the construction industry.

Paul Ryan

Business Development/Client Experience Specialist Paul enjoys the finer details of a project, considering every stage of its journey from planning to execution.

Dmitriy Khokhlov

Full Stack Developer with a Masters Degree in Computer Science Expert in ASP.NET and construction related software. We call him Dima here @ Grekho.